Still a child
You are what you do. You can recreate yourself every second of your life.© Xena: Warrior Princess
Today I attended Zumba class, and it was cool, then spend about 10-15 minutes on the running track and about 10 mins on the Exercise bike. After a these activities, I spent some time swimming in the pool and finished with the sport activities for today.
I don't really ike cleanin my house, so my home looks like it is in permanent mess. But according to my new plan, I'm going to spend no less than 10 and no more than 30 mins cleaning. I did it already for two days, and it;s ok with me.
Today I spent some time learning new cool things, about language and other things, started reading book "Мой несистематический словарь" and I find it pretty interesting. The rest of the day I'm going to work and read, and maybe watch some Movie.

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